Denning Pryce Global Income Fund

Providing consistent positive total returns with less volatility than the global share market since 2011

In managing the fund we look for the best way of dealing with today’s  market conditions.

The offsetting of long and short option positions makes for a lower volatility portfolio.


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Important information. Applications for the fund can only be made through your financial adviser or investment platform, or on the application form included with the current Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). Investors should always consider the relevant PDS when making decisions about this financial product, about this fund. The information on this website contains general advice only and no account has been taken as to the financial circumstances, needs or objectives of any person. We strongly recommend that investors consider the PDS and their specific financial needs and objectives with an appropriately qualified financial and taxation adviser when considering investments in this fund. The information linked to this page is specific to Denning Pryce and our affiliated funds and is provided in good faith. The information sources are believed to be accurate, and those sources may be subject to change. Information provided here should not be considered to be comprehensive and neither Denning Pryce Pty Limited nor any of its employees or directors give any warranty of reliability or accuracy nor accept any responsibility arising in any way including by reason of negligence for errors and omissions.

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Application Price*


Redemption Price*


Investors can download a PDS or contact their financial adviser to consider investment in the fund.

Minimum investment, $5000 (Retail)

Eligible Wholesale Investors may invest into the Wholesale Class units of the fund subject to supplying appropriate documentation.

Minimum investment, $500,000 (Wholesale)

Institutional investors may consider the Institutional Class units.

Minimum investment, $5,000,000 (Institutional)

 * Prices are indicative only. Prices are for Wholesale Class.
Denning Pryce Equity Income Fund