Denning Pryce is independent and privately-owned, and trades global markets using indices, shares and options.

$270m funds managed on behalf of Australian investors

Our team of seven has a depth of experience and diverse backgrounds in markets and engineering.

Our pitch to clients is a little different. We ask them to:

  • apply volatility management tools to improve risk-adjusted returns
  • use shares and options to build volatility assets
  • consider total return and cashflow, rather than focus on income
  • incorporate downside protection, and volatility payoffs

We manage funds for Ironbark Asset Management and Zurich Investments Australia.

Key institutional representation is with Ironbark Asset Management.

We specialise in market volatility, the use of listed options and active risk management.


Our funds have specific risk and return objectives, aiming to make money, pay quarterly distributions, and control volatility of returns.

The Ironbark Denning Pryce Australian Tailored Income Fund delivers a low-risk, positive return profile with a history of franking credit rebates to investors. The compound annual total return (after fees) is available from Ironbark:

The Ironbark Denning Pryce Global Tailored Income Fund has a seven year trading history. With a total return approach, the fund distributes a quarterly cash payment and has a compound annual return (after fees) which is available from Ironbark:

Denning Pryce manages two funds under a mandate from Zurich Investment Management Limited.  These funds operate a buy-and-write strategy and have generated monthly income at low levels of share market risk since 2006. Performance information is available from Zurich Australia:

A specialist and focused portfolio management team with a depth of market experience.


Portfolio protection
Lower risk portfolios
Combining shares and options

Hugh Denning BSc PhD

Director, Operations Read More.

Michael Pryce BA

CEO Read More.

Rob Risk BComm, DipGrad

Head of Markets & Senior Portfolio Manager Read More.

Fei An BEng, MAppFin

Portfolio Manager and Senior Analyst

Read More.

Kieren Callaghan BEc

Chief Investment Officer Read More.

Andrew Curtin Non-exec Director

A private banker and retired JBWere partner with thirty years experience of Australian and international markets. Read More.

Dan Wilson Non-exec Director

A graduate of The Royal Military College, Duntroon, and a professional investor with twenty years experience. Dan is also a director of the London Northern Lights Symphony Orchestra. Read More.

Robin Yandle Non-exec Chairman

Retired Managing Director of Deutsche Bank Securities and experienced independent chairman and company director. Read More.

Orla O’Reilly

Read More.

Denning Pryce can provide options advice and management to institutional clients.


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