Diversifying investor portfolios to better balance risk and return


Retirement and superannuation needs, and a backdrop of low interest rates, mean that there is a need for lower risk funds that provide regular cash distributions and consistent returns.

Our founding belief in 2005 was that we could do something very useful for Australian investors, many of whom were taking too much risk in search of either higher income, or higher returns. Often their investment risk was hard to identify.

After a global crisis and industry consolidation, the market-place now hosts a simpler and well-researched array of funds. For some investors, however, the core need remains: how to safely build a portfolio that delivers our cash-flow requirements at an acceptable level of risk?

Denning Pryce addresses that need.

For others, safely focusing on total return, income itself is a secondary need. Stock market valuations are seen as high, a portfolio appears concentrated. A market reversal would threaten longer-term investment plans.

In fact, global demographics mean that there is a need for secure retirement solutions in most developed nations. The backdrop of low interest rates has opened up opportunities for lower risk funds that access new sources of return, and that offer sustainable cash-flow into the future.

With both a global and an Australian total return fund available, our Denning Pryce funds fit well in a balanced portfolio. The two funds balance risk and income – and help to reduce overall portfolio volatility.

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Building on a consistent track record


Since 2006 our Australian shares and options fund for wholesale investors, Denning Pryce Equity Income Fund, has earned dividends, trading gains, franking credits, and option premiums. This fund has now adopted our total return investment process, and sets out to fit investment strategy to market conditions. It is available to direct investors with a minimum amount of $200,000

Since 2010 our international team has built out a low volatility, income-generating solution. Denning Pryce Global Income Fund is a low risk solution for pension phase and superannuation investors.

The global fund applies our total return investment process, adjusting strategy to market conditions.


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