Helping customers by thinking differently about risk and return expectations


The extended period of low interest rates – and elevated share markets – mean that there is now a need to consider risk, and volatility, a little differently. Customers needing lower risk, or consistent income, need to consider how their risk and volatility will be managed.

Our founding belief in 2005 was that we could do something very useful for Australian investors, many of whom were taking too much risk in search of either higher income, or higher returns. Often their investment risk was hard to identify.

After a global crisis and a long period of controlled volatility and low rates, what now? A market reversal would threaten longer-term investment plans.

For investors, the core need remains: how to safely build a portfolio that delivers our total return and cash-flow requirements at an acceptable level of risk?

Denning Pryce addresses that need.

With both a global and an Australian total return fund available, our Denning Pryce funds fit well in a balanced portfolio. The funds balance risk and income – and help to reduce overall portfolio volatility.

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Building on a consistent track record


Since 2006 our Australian shares and options fund (now branded Ironbark Denning Pryce Australian Tailored Income Fund), has earned dividends, trading gains, franking credits, and option premiums. This fund applies a variety of volatility management strategies, with specific risk and return objectives. 

In 2010 we bought a global volatility research team, and built a low volatility, income-generating solution. Ironbark Denning Pryce Global Tailored Income Fund is a low risk solution with quarterly cash distributions.

From Day 1, we have been supported by institutional mandates for equity buy-write income funds from Zurich Australia Investment Management.


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